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Transcription services are essential in many areas - from academic research to legal matters and business meetings. UniTranslate offers customised solutions for a wide range of requirements, including


  • Academic transcription: For research interviews, lectures and seminars.

  • Business transcription: For meetings, conferences and presentations.

  • Legal transcription: For court hearings and legal advice.

  • Medical transcription: For patient interviews and medical reports.

High accuracy and quality

The key to efficient transcription is accuracy. UniTranslate understands the meaning of every single word and ensures that your transcriptions are of the highest quality. UniTranslate has a team of experienced transcribers who are characterised by their attention to detail, guaranteeing the precise transcription of your audio data into written form.


Speed and efficiency

In today's fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity. UniTranslate offers fast and efficient transcription services to ensure that your documents are completed on time and without any loss of quality. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.


Customisation to suit your needs

Every project is unique, and UniTranslate customises its services accordingly. Whether you need a verbatim transcription that accurately reproduces every word or prefer a summarised version, UniTranslate can meet your specific requirements.


Confidentiality and data protection

UniTranslate recognises the sensitivity of the information to be transcribed and strictly adheres to data protection regulations. Your data is treated confidentially and all transcriptions are carried out under strict security measures.


Multilingual support

In a globalised world, your transcription needs may differ from language to language. UniTranslate offers transcription services in multiple languages, making it the ideal choice for international organisations and multicultural projects.

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