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Terminology management

Terminology management

Corporate terminology plays a central role in identity and brand management. All of your company's product names, features, titles, organisational units and internal abbreviations can be preserved by creating and using a corporate terminology.


UniTranslate can help you plan and implement a glossary, select appropriate terminology tools and create terminology for use in your organisation.


UniTranslate helps you create your specific style guidelines by identifying your preferences, defining rules, committing to a style and documenting everything for everyone's use.


A company-wide terminology strategy and style guidelines promote brand and corporate identity as well as effective knowledge transfer and innovation. They guide both the translator and your proofreaders towards a consistent style for all localised texts.

Standardisation and maintenance

Properly managed corporate terminology improves the quality of products and documentation. This is key to increasing the usability of products and customer satisfaction.


With our certified terminology managers, we support you in managing and maintaining your company's terminology. Well-maintained terminology is important for consistent use throughout the lifecycle of a document. This reduces the risk of errors and their propagation in translated versions.

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