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Translations in the field of construction, architecture and real estate

UniTranslate translation agency has many years of experience in the field of specialist translations for the construction industry. Our experience and knowledge enable us to see all potential errors beforehand and to avoid them. In every project, we work exclusively with the right specialist in the respective industry.

When it comes to translations for the construction industry, every word and detail must be translated correctly, otherwise there could be misunderstandings between the various pages. UniTranslate knows the requirements of every project very well and positions itself successfully from the start.

Be it technical instructions, tender documents, civil engineering, building construction or heating: UniTranslate is the right partner for all types of translations in the construction industry. We work for various companies for translation and proofreading in the construction sector.

UniTranslate translation agency is the right partner for translations in the fields of construction, architecture and real estate. Contact us for a free offer or for a non-binding discussion.


Correct building requires correct communication between different sides. We'll gladly assist you.

Tel: 044 545 55 07


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