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Editing and Texting Services


We edit the following in your texts:

  • Orthography

  •  Grammar

  •  Punctuation

  •  Typography

  •  Style

  •  Context

  • Comprehensibility


We proofread the following in your texts:

  • Orthography

  •  Grammar

  •  Punctuation

  •  Typography

Editing Services

Scientists and academicians from around the world use our services in preparing their manuscripts (e.g., journal articles, abstracts, posters, lectures, grants, theses). Non-native English speakers have indicated that they find our services particularly helpful when attempting to publish in English-language scientific journals.

Our success rate is excellent. Most of the papers we have edited were accepted and published in the targeted journal. 

International Corporations and small businesses use our services to proofread, edit and rewrite white papers, annual reports, business plans, marketing material, owners manuals, websites, and other documentation.

The team of UniTranslate has over 50 years of combined experience in publishing and editing documents for scientific journals. They also have equal experience in writing, editing and proofreading grant applications, manuscripts, professional manuals, marketing material, and other documentation. Contact us for a free quote!

Our clients acknowledge that UniTranslate:


  • provides the highest quality work available.

  • has a substantial team of thoroughly trained editors and writers.

  • can respond to projects of any size with as many people as needed.

  • has a diverse scientific and technical experience.

Editing and translation of application documents

Professionally written motivation letter and CV are essential for the success of any application. Contact us so that you can ensure the first meeting for your dream job!

Do you need a ghostwriter?

We have hundreds of professionals from different areas. We will be pleased to write rich and easy to read texts for you. Contact us for more information! Of course, your identity stays anonymous!


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