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Proofreading and MTPE

Checking and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation errors is an essential part of proofreading.

Spelling and grammar

A proofreader checks and improves the writing style to increase clarity, comprehensibility and readability. This includes adapting sentence structures, avoiding repetition and optimising the use of words.

Style and expression

It is also important to check the coherence of the content and the logical structure of the text. An editor ensures that the text has a common thread and that the arguments build on each other logically.

Coherence and logic

This refers to the consistent use of spelling, formatting, citation rules and specialised terminology. Consistency contributes to the professionalism and credibility of the text.


An editor considers the purpose of the text and the target audience to ensure that the text is appropriate and effective.

Adaptation to target group and purpose

In the case of specialised texts or scientific papers, proofreading also includes checking the facts and the accuracy of the source references.

Quality improvement

What services does proofreading include?

Our team consists of experienced professionals who work with great care and precision. We know how important it is that your texts meet the highest linguistic standards and at the same time convey the desired message. That's why we use our extensive expertise to optimise your texts and make them unique.

At UniTranslate, we are committed to providing you with a first-class service. That's why we work efficiently and deliver your edited texts on time. We listen to you and take your specific requirements into account so that the end result exceeds your expectations.

Standardisation and maintenance

Our highly qualified team of proofreaders and translators specialises in perfecting your texts. We don't just check grammar, spelling and punctuation, we go one step further. With our MTPE service, we optimise machine-translated texts to ensure that the context and subtleties of your content are preserved.

UniTranslate offers a wide range of proofreading and MTPE services tailored to your individual needs. Whether it's a scientific paper, a website, a blog post or a business text, we can help you give your texts the professional touch you want.

​The UniTranslate Team

Contact our experts now and find out the costs and delivery times within 30 minutes without obligation! Deliveries within 12 or 24 hours of ordering are possible.

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