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UniTranslate steht für die Top-Qualität

Uni Translate is not just a classic translation agency, it is preparing the future of translation. It is time for an innovative online translation service that is fast, affordable and of high quality. Our optimized, technology-based processes not only lead to higher consistency and thus translation quality, but also enable us to be faster and cheaper than a conventional translation agency.

Why UniTranslate for specialist translations?

Numerous companies from different industries trust UniTranslate, the reason for this is the consistently high quality of the translations. When it comes to specialist translations, the most important thing is the correct terminology and thus the specialist knowledge. Our experience has shown that translators rarely have the necessary specialist knowledge on their own. That is why we have improved our project process for technical translations. The technical translations are read through by experts (engineers, technicians, lawyers, doctors) and checked for the correctness of the terminology.


Fair rates for technical translations

UniTranslate often works with ETH / Uni doctoral or master's students from abroad with technical expertise and with the target language as their mother tongue. This approach enables UniTranslate to deliver express translations at low cost.

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How we ensure high quality technical translations

Technical translations are an integral part of becoming international for a company. Content translation makes it possible to address potential customers worldwide and generate success beyond the original market. Often, however, a 1-to-1 translation is not enough, as content must be adapted to the target groups. A good translation does not only consist of the correct rendering of the statements and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Above all, consistency across all translated documents distinguishes a good translation from a less good one. This means that the correct industry and company-specific terminology must be adhered to and the tone and style should also be consistent across many languages. To ensure this and to improve with each subsequent translation, we use state-of-the-art technologies.

4-eyes principle and close cooperation with the client for high-quality technical translations

Our translators are not only native speakers, but are also characterised by a high level of academic and professional expertise. We divide our translators into categories according to their know-how and language skills, thus enabling a perfect match with the texts to be translated. Only 5% of all applicants pass UniTranslate's admissions process and stand out for their eye for detail and impeccable use of language, which is indispensable to us. We ensure quality not only through our experienced translators, but also through the 4-eyes principle. This means that at least one proofreader checks the linguistic and technical accuracy as well as a quality control for completeness.

Areas of professional translation

  • Technical translations: technical documentations, product fact sheets, product brochures, etc.

  • Legal translations: translations of contracts, rulings, reports about a legal issue, etc.

  • Medical translations: translations of medical reports, surgical aids, product declarations, etc.

  • Financial translations: translations of financial reports, performance reports, reports on corporate governance and compliance, minutes of meetings, financial presentations etc.

  • Translations in the area of international trade: Documents for exporters, importers, documents from manufacturers or producers, etc.

  • Certified translations: Please refer to the certified translations page

  • Website translations and software localization: translation of websites, softwares and video games

Please contact us if the desired area of translation is not listed above!

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