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Certified translation

UniTranslate certifies the translations according to your needs or according to the requirements of the authorities. We support you so that the documents are properly certified. Our translations and your original documents are guaranteed to be recognised!


If officially issued and foreign-language documents are to be presented to state administrations (courts, authorities, offices) in Switzerland, these documents must be translated in a certified manner. 

A certified translation is always required for an application for naturalization, marriage or study abroad.

UniTranslate takes care of the certified translation of the following documents:

  • judgements

  • certificates

  • Reports, diplomas and certificates

  • contracts

  • excerpts

  • confirmations

  • certificates

  • statutes and excerpts from the commercial register

  • other official documents

Contact us without obligation with your request (by phone, viaE-mailor through ourcontact form) and we will be happy to help you with the correct type of certification!

Notary Stamps
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