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The UniTranslate translation agency offers translations in more than 100 language combinations with the corresponding type of certification. Our qualified translators can produce certified translations that are officially recognised. We support private customers and companies so that their documents are officially recognised in every country.

Certified and notarized translations

Range of certified translations

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Translation with office certification

UniTranslate's certification is recognized by many universities, Swiss and foreign authorities, without the need for notarial certification. We choose the right type of certification for you!

Example of a notarial certification

Notarized translation

Notarized translations are the standard for Swiss Authorities. UniTranslate provides notarized translations . Notarized translations are often required for applications such as naturalization, marriage or entry of a company in the commercial register (company formation) in another country. Certified translations of documents, excerpts, judgements, diplomas and certificates are part of our daily work and we are happy to help you further.

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Translation with qualified electronic signature

UniTranslate offers translations with a qualified electronic signature delivered via e-mail, which, according to ZertEs (Federal Law on Electronic Signatures), are equivalent to a translation with a stamp and signature. This means that the signatures can be verified on the portal by the Federal Council. We can deliver this type of translation quickly within 12 hours, so our clients can order and receive officially recognised translations by e-mail around the clock!

Example of a notarial translation with apostille

Notarized translation with apostille

A notarized translation with apostille is required to submit a document created in Switzerland to a foreign authority. UniTranslate creates notarized translations with apostille for all countries in the Hague Convention.

Translation by sworn translators

Translations by sworn translators are recognized by many countries even without further notarization. We also work with sworn translators, especially for translations into English. Contact us and we will be glad to solve your translation issue!

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Legalization by consulates in Switzerland

If you want to submit a document created abroad to the Swiss authorities (e.g. birth certificate), it is often necessary to get an apostille for this document from the country of origin. We will then translate this document for you and notarize it so that you can submit it to the Swiss authorities.

Requirements for certified translations in Switzerland

Certified translations in Switzerland are generally prepared by professional translators and can be certified by a notary, lawyer or other authorised body, depending on the requirements. For legal, financial or official documents, it is essential to commission a qualified translator to ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation.


UniTranslate is a global translation agency with many years of experience in producing professional translations. Our experienced translators are fluent in over 60 languages and are familiar with Swiss regulations and requirements for certified translations. Whether you need your documents translated into German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, our team will provide you with accurate translations that are 100% accepted by the Swiss authorities or worldwide.


The certification usually takes the form of a written declaration that is attached to the translated document and delivered either as an electronic PDF file or in physical form. This certified translation can then be submitted together with the original document for your naturalisation, marriage, visa, legal, business or school application. 


In Switzerland, a certified translation with an apostille is often required. UniTranslate offers you the right type of legalisation in every case.


The requirements for legalisation vary depending on the purpose, canton or office. It is best to contact our experts with your enquiry to find out about the right type of certification.

Security and confidentiality

At UniTranslate, we recognise the importance of protecting your sensitive data and maintaining confidentiality throughout the translation process. To ensure the security of your data, we have implemented strict data protection measures:


Secure file transfer and encrypted communication channels for the secure exchange of documents and information.


Strict confidentiality agreements signed by all our certified translators and employees.


Regular security audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with current data protection regulations.


We endeavour to protect your personal and business data so that you have nothing to worry about when using our certified translation services.

Non-binding offer in 30 minutes

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