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Certified and notarized translations

Translation agency UniTranslate translates into more than 83 different language combinations with the correct type of certification. Find out everything about certified translations on this page or contact us via the contact form below so that we can help you further.

Notariell beglaubigt
mit apostille
mit bürobeg
begl. beeid.

Notarized translation

Notary Stamps

Notarized translations are the standard for Swiss Authorities. UniTranslate provides notarized translations . Notarized translations are often required for applications such as naturalization, marriage or entry of a company in the commercial register (company formation) in another country. Certified translations of documents, excerpts, judgements, diplomas and certificates are part of our daily work and we are happy to help you further.

Translation by sworn translators

Notary Certificates a Translation

Translations by sworn translators are recognized by many countries even without further notarization. We also work with sworn translators, especially for translations into English. Contact us and we will be glad to solve your translation issue!

Legalization by consulates in Switzerland

City Center

If you want to submit a document created abroad to the Swiss authorities (e.g. birth certificate), it is often necessary to get an apostille for this document from the country of origin. We will then translate this document for you and notarize it so that you can submit it to the Swiss authorities.

Notarized translation with apostille


A notarized translation with apostille is required to submit a document created in Switzerland to a foreign authority. UniTranslate creates notarized translations with apostille for all countries in the Hague Convention.

Translation with office certification

Top of the UZH and ETH Buildings

UniTranslate's office certification is recognized by many universities, and Swiss as well as foreign authorities without having to obtain a notarization.

Certification by translators recognized by the consulate or by state-recognized translators

Consulate Building

Some countries for example China is not part of the Hague Convention. Therefore, an apostille is out of the question and another method of certification should be applied. Contact us if the destination country is not part of the Hague Convention.

Find out which type of certification you need. Consult our experts free of charge!

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