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Legal translations in Switzerland

Bücher über Schweizer Recht

Law is a complicated area.

Law in two cultures, languages and countries; UniTranslate helps you... Trust what you read, even if it is express translated!

Our history: Many years of cooperation with various Swiss law firms in international matters

What are legal translations?


Legal translations include the translation of legal documents necessary for the implementation of various types of international relations, as well as the translation of legal texts for the exchange of information and experience between legal specialists from different cultures as well as languages. This type of translation is considered one of the most difficult. In legal translations every word has the potential to make a big difference. The translator must have a sound knowledge of the language and also have an excellent knowledge of law, various laws and international standards. For this reason, the translated text must be legally appropriate in the target language in order to achieve a precise and professional result.


Types of legal translations:


  • Translation of contracts, agreements and arrangements, purchase and sales contracts as well as rental contracts, employment contracts and license agreements

  • Translation of founding documents (articles of association, resolutions, minutes of meetings, confirmations of residence, etc.), legalization of documents

  • Translation of legislative acts from government agencies in different countries (laws, minutes of meetings, resolutions, orders and ordinances)

  • Translation of local legislative acts (translation of rules, regulations, etc.),

  • Translation of court documents (applications, petitions, court judgments, orders and orders), legalization of documents

  • Translation of all types of auxiliary documents (powers of attorney, certificates, licenses and permits), legalization of documents

The translation of legal documents encompasses areas of jurisdiction such as constitutional, administrative, civil, commercial, tax, criminal, international law and other types of legal relationships.


The special character of legal relationships lies in the fact that errors or inaccuracies in the documents can have serious legal consequences. For example, an innocent typo or minor inadequacy can result in the non-registration of a transaction and also not rule out the possibility of property damage and legal claims. For this reason, the translation of legal documents requires a certain qualification - legal translations are carried out by professional translators who either have extensive work experience in the field or have additional legal training.

An additional complexity of legal translation is related to the fact that not only do language and style differ, but the legal system also differs from country to country. The original text is created in the appropriate language according to the rules established in the country of origin. The text in the translated document must accurately reflect the content of the original and all legal specifics. At the same time, it should be prepared taking into account the rules of the legal system of the country in which the translation is to be used and using the terms appropriate there.
The terminology makes it difficult to translate legal documents. This has to do with the variety of areas of law and the specific terminology used in each of them.


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Legal translators

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