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UniTranslate: Terminological Accuracy, Confidentiality and Round-the-clock Delivery - the Right Partner for Long-term Cooperation

What sets us apart

UniTranslate stands out as a preferred partner for legal translations because we know how important precision and discretion are in this field. Our team of specialised translators combines linguistic expertise with in-depth knowledge of legal terminology and procedures. We treat every project - whether it's the translation of contracts, court judgements or other legal documents - with the utmost care, accuracy and confidentiality!

When it comes to legal translations, you can rely on UniTranslate because we not only offer linguistic precision, but also a clear understanding of the legal nuances that are essential for an authentic and reliable translation. Your documents are in experienced and safe hands with us.

Law in two cultures, languages and countries; UniTranslate can help you... Trust what you read, even if it's an express translation.

Legal Translations

unitranslate's law books for translation
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Deliveries possible within 24 hours


Secure data traffic and NDA as desired

Correct terminology

Correct terminology for every target country!


Worldwide officially recognised translations with apostille!

Legal documents that we often translate with notarisation

Translation of contracts, agreements, purchase and sales contracts as well as rental contracts, employment contracts and licence agreements

Notarised translation of founding documents (articles of association, resolutions, minutes of meetings, extracts from the commercial register)

Certified translations of official documents

Certified translation of court documents (applications, petitions, court judgements, instructions and orders), notarisation of documents

Translation of all types of auxiliary documents (powers of attorney, certificates, licences and permits), certification of documents

Translation of legislative acts of government authorities of various countries (laws, minutes of meetings, resolutions, orders and decrees)

Translation of local laws (translation of regulations, provisions, etc.),

Leading translation agency for legal translations

With over 3000 clients in Switzerland and translation services in more than 60 languages, UniTranslate has established itself as a leading provider in the translation industry. Our partnership with Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) and various embassies in Switzerland emphasises our commitment to quality and reliability.

Information about legal translations

The translation of legal documents covers areas of jurisprudence such as constitutional, administrative, civil, commercial, tax, criminal, international law and other types of legal relationships.


The special nature of legal relations lies in the fact that errors or inaccuracies in documents can have serious legal consequences. An innocent typing error or a minor inadequacy can, for example, result in the non-registration of a transaction and the possibility of property damage and legal claims. For this reason, the translation of legal documents requires a certain qualification - legal translations are carried out by professional translators who have either extensive professional experience in this field or additional legal training.


Legal translation places particular demands on the use of language and style, and in this respect, a high-quality translation of legal documents requires not only the necessary level of legal expertise, but also excellent knowledge of the relevant legal language.

Why are legal translations complex?


An additional complexity of legal translation is related to the fact that not only language and style differ, but also the legal system varies from country to country. The original text is drafted according to the rules laid down in the country of origin in the relevant language. The text in the translated document must accurately reflect the content of the original and all legal peculiarities. At the same time, it should be prepared in accordance with the rules of the legal system of the country in which the translation is to be used and using the appropriate terms there.

Contact our experts now and find out the costs and delivery times within 30 minutes without obligation! Deliveries within 12 or 24 hours of ordering are possible.

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