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Here, the interpreter translates at the same time as the speaker. This type of interpreting is often used at large meetings, conferences or trade fairs. The interpreters usually sit in a booth, wear headphones and speak into a microphone.

Simultaneous interpreting

In this type of interpreting, the interpreter speaks after the speaker, usually after a section or an entire statement. This type of interpreting is often used for smaller business meetings or court hearings. Notes are an important part of this, as they help the interpreter to remember details.

Consecutive interpreting

Escort interpreters can act as virtual assistants, accompanying clients on business trips and helping them with various tasks, from ordering meals to closing deals.

Accompanying or travelling interpreting

The interpreter sits next to the person who needs a translation and whispers or speaks quietly while translating into the target language. This type of interpreting is often used in situations where only one person from a group needs a translation.

Whispered Interpreting

This type of interpreting can be simultaneous or consecutive. It is typically used for scheduled calls where the interpreter is not present in person but interprets over the phone.

Telephone interpreting (Scheduled Telephone Interpreting)

Used when immediate language support is required, e.g. in customer service centres or medical and legal facilities.

On-Demand Phone Interpreting

This is consecutive interpreting for conversations between two parties who speak different languages. It is used, for example, for medical appointments, business meetings, court hearings or police interrogations.

Bilateral interpreting

This is important to enable communication for deaf or hearing-impaired people by converting spoken or written language into visual communication.

Sign Language Interpreting

Here, the interpreter is not present at the venue. Forms include Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) for sign language or spoken language and Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) for conferences and webinars.

Remote interpreting

There are different types of interpreting that are used depending on the context and needs

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