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Interpreting services in Switzerland

UniTranslate supports you with best and purpose-oriented interpreters according to your needs. We work with professional interpreters in more than 100 languages.

There are four kinds of interpreting services:

  1. Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreters translate the spoken text by the speaker into the target language. Simultaneous interpreters are usually used in large conferences, where the time delay plays an important role due to consecutive interpreting.

  2. Consecutive interpreting: In this case, the translation is done after the presentation of the text. Our experience has shown that consecutive interpreting doubles the required time for an event compared with simultaneous interpreting.

  3. Whisper interpreting: The interpreter talks simultaneously with the speaker and does not use any technical aids. 

  4. Liaison interpreting: Short passages of text are translated into the target language with a time delay. Liaison interpreters are more likely to be needed for small conversations.

Cultural consulting:

Would you like to sell your products or services in a foreign country? Our experts will be happy to advise you on how best to proceed in a country with sales and presentation of your product or service. Our experts are ETH/Uni Ph.D. students with the required specialist knowledge and ideally, belong exactly to the relevant cultural group.


Particularly in Asian countries such as China, South Korea, and Japan, our approach proves itself as successful and experience has shown us that your product or service has a greater chance of success if the representation is adapted according to the target country. UniTranslate gives you the opportunity to meet people who understand your products in detail and know both cultures in detail.

Click here to read the advice of the Swiss Federal Administration about the cultural aspects of opening a subsidiary in a foreign country.

Team Meeting

We have top talents for every occasion! Our talents work with passion, thanks to their intercultural education they will help you to carry out your event in the best way in every culture!

Conference Room

Good simultaneous and conference technology is an important part of simultaneous interpreting, and UniTranslate also works with the best technicians in this field!

UniTranslate supports medical assessment centres in Switzerland with top talents from 100 different countries!

We support you with competent and intelligent cultural consultants.



Contact UniTranslate for a tailor-made and detailed offer.

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