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What points should I pay particular attention to when translating a contract?

When translating a contract, it is particularly important that the translation is precise and correct. Here are some things that are particularly important when translating a contract:

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  1. Correctness and accuracy: Contracts are legally binding documents, so the translation must be absolutely correct and accurate. Any errors or inaccuracies can lead to misunderstandings or legal problems.

  2. Knowledge of technical terms: Contracts often contain specific technical terms that must appear correctly in the translation. It is important that the translator has a thorough knowledge of legal terms in both languages.

  3. Cultural sensitivity: When translating contracts, the translator must also take cultural differences into account. What is considered customary or acceptable in one culture may be interpreted differently in another.

  4. Consistency: The translation must be consistent and use standardised terminology. Consistency is particularly important if the contract consists of several parts or sections.

  5. Confidentiality: Contracts often contain confidential information, so it is important that the translator can ensure confidentiality and data protection.

  6. Verifiability: In the event of litigation or legal disputes, it is important that the translation is verifiable. Therefore, the translator must prepare appropriate documentation documenting the translation and the translation process.


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