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The prices for translations are based on the number of words in the documents and the complexity of creating the same layout.


This means that the prices depend on the following parameters:


  • Number of words in the document; you can have them counted in Microsoft Word using the word counter or contact us for a non-binding quote.

The more words the translator has to translate into another language, the more time the translator will need - and that means correspondingly higher costs. The prices also depend on the language combination or the degree of difficulty of the text. 


For one page:


A certified translation costs a minimum of CHF 105, a notarised translation costs a minimum of CHF 145 and a notarised translation with apostille costs a minimum of CHF 215, including costs at the notary's office and/or costs at the State Chancellery (for the apostille) as well as costs for delivery by A Mail in Switzerland. All prices are exclusive of VAT.


The price per page is a minimum of CHF 31 excluding VAT.


Contact us and request a non-binding quote! You will receive an offer within 30 minutes!

Cost of certified translation

Non-binding offer in 30 minutes

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