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Certified translation of documents - officially recognised worldwide and in Switzerland

​Translation of official documents

Over 3000 Customers in Switzerland

More than 60 Languages

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Certified and officially recognised translations

UniTranslate stands for quality and trust. With an extensive network of certified translators specialising in over 50 languages, we bring international standards to every assignment. Our certified and sworn specialist translators not only possess linguistic excellence, but also in-depth knowledge of the legal requirements of various countries in order to translate your documents correctly and in a recognised manner.

Personal documents and proof of status

  • Birth certificates

  • Marriage certificates

  • death certificates

  • Divorce decrees

  • Identity cards and passports

  • Driving licences

  • Adoption papers

  • Baptismal certificates

Academic and educational documents

  • Certificates (school reports, university diplomas)

  • Transcripts (overview of grades)

  • Certificates of academic achievements

  • Examination certificates

  • Certificates of participation in further education programmes

  • Recognition of foreign educational qualifications

Legal and contractual documents

  • Contracts and agreements (rental contracts, purchase contracts, employment contracts)

  • Will and certificate of inheritance

  • Court judgements and decisions

  • Powers of attorney and declarations of consent

  • Incorporation documents (for companies)

  • Extracts from the commercial register

  • Patent and trade mark certificates

Business and financial documents

  • Annual financial statements and balance sheets

  • Annual reports

  • Bank statements

  • Tax assessment notices

  • Proof of investments

  • Insurance policies

Medical and health-related documents

  • Medical certificates and attestations

  • Vaccination certificates

  • Hospital reports

  • Findings and diagnoses

  • Naturalisation certificates

  • Police clearance certificates

  • Military documents

  • Visa documents and entry authorisations

Other official documents

Here you will find a list of documents that are frequently translated by UniTranslate with official recognition:

Document translation with certification

The UniTranslate translation agency team - native speaker experts

Our team consists of experienced translators who have a sound understanding of specialised technical language and terminology. We translate technical documents such as operating instructions, technical manuals, patents and much more.

Modern language tools

We use the latest technologies and tools to optimise the translation process and ensure fast delivery. Our quality managers ensure that every translation is thoroughly checked before delivery.

Customised solutions

We also offer customised solutions for companies of all sizes. Whether you need a small translation of a manual or a large international campaign, we have the experience and expertise to fulfil your requirements.


UniTranslate utilises state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your files. We pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards for data protection and security and providing you with a trustworthy service.

Fast delivery times

The UniTranslate team is able to deliver express or fast translations of large documents within 12, 24 or 48 hours.

Proofreading by technical experts

Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to offer proofreading or checking of the translation in the respective target language. You are welcome to request proofreading by a specialist (engineer, doctor, pharmacist) from our experts.

Contact our experts now and get a free quote within 30 minutes! Express deliveries can be made within 12 or 24 hours.

Get a free quote in 30 minutes

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