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Translation of judgements - recognised worldwide and in Switzerland

​Translation of Judgements

Legal issues and challenges can play an important role in international relations. In a globalised world, a reliable and accurate translation of court judgements is therefore essential to protect your interests worldwide.

 Our translation agency has an experienced team of professional translators who specialise in the translation of court judgments and other legal documents. Our experts are not only excellent translators, but also experts in legal practice in various countries. They know exactly how to take linguistic subtleties and cultural differences into account in order to deliver an accurate translation that meets the specific requirements of the court in question.


Whether you need a translation for a claim for damages, a labour court case or criminal proceedings, we are here for you. We translate judgements into all languages and deliver quickly and reliably so that you can protect your business interests worldwide.


Trust us to protect your global interests. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you overcome your organisation's legal challenges. With our translations of court judgements, you are on the safe side.

Translations of judgements - Globally recognised and precise translations

example for the translation of a divorce judgement

Translation of divorce judgements

Would you like to have a divorce decree recognised in Switzerland or abroad? We will be happy to assist you further in more than 60 languages!


Translation of dispositions

Would you like to have a will recognised in Switzerland or abroad? Contact us for a non-binding offer!

corporate wearhouse from a bird's eye view

Translation of commercial court judgements

Commercial court judgements relate to disputes in connection with commercial and economic matters. UniTranslate's translations are internationally recognised.

two swiss employees

Translation of labour court judgments

These concern labour law disputes between employers and employees. Contact us for a non-binding offer!

kid playing with basketball

Family law judgements

Family law judgements include decisions on issues such as guardianship (custody), visiting rights, adoption documents and maintenance in family matters. UniTranslate's translations are internationally recognised.

swiss judge

Civil judgements

In civil proceedings, the courts rule on disputes between private individuals or companies. This can include, for example, compensation for damages, contractual disputes or divorce cases. Contact us for a non-binding offer!

​Have a Court Judgement Translated

Contact our experts now and find out the costs and delivery times within 30 minutes without obligation! Deliveries within 12 or 24 hours of ordering are possible.

Non-binding offer in 30 minutes

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