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Professional Translations 

For companies and private individuals

  • Expert translation in your field (law, medicine, technology, and more)

  • Translation of documents, including layout

  • Certified translations

  • Notarized translations 

  • Apostille service

UniTranslate's multidisciplinary team consists of professional translators. We translate your texts into more than 100 languages in many different areas. Our experience and IT solutions enable us to lead your projects to success with security and high quality. Whether certified or non-certified translations, we take great care of all of your orders.

Areas of professional translation

  • Technical translations: technical documentations, product fact sheets, product brochures, etc.

  • Legal translations: translations of contracts, rulings, reports about a legal issue, etc.

  • Medical translations: translations of medical reports, surgical aids, product declarations, etc.

  • Financial translations: translations of financial reports, performance reports, reports on corporate governance and compliance, minutes of meetings, financial presentations etc.

  • Translations in the area of international trade: Documents for exporters, importers, documents from manufacturers or producers, etc.

  • Certified translations: Please refer to the certified translations page

  • Website translations and software localization: translation of websites, softwares and video games

Please contact us if the desired area of translation is not listed above!

We have references in all kinds of businesses, please click here in order to see our references.

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