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nidwalden, switzerland

​Translation Agency Nidwalden

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Our services in Nidwalden

Translation agency UniTranslate Nidwalden stands for high-quality translations, produced exclusively by native-speaking and experienced specialised translators. Our intelligent quality management system allows us to translate your texts into more than 100 languages without errors. UniTranslate offers general and certified translations.

Order translations that are officially recognised by the authorities and municipalities in Nidwalden or worldwide!

Notarised translations

Order translations that are also notarised!

Notarised translations

Would you like to have company documents translated into different languages? Whether legal, technical or marketing texts, our worldwide network enables us to offer you Swiss quality at favourable prices!

Specialised translations for companies

Are you looking for a translation agency in Nidwalden? Our broad network enables us to offer translations in more than 60 languages and various specialised fields in Nidwalden.

Technical, legal or medical translations

UniTranslate takes care of the translation of diplomas, references and certificates. UniTranslate's translations are recognised worldwide and in Switzerland.

Academic translations

Foreign authorities often require a translation with an apostille so that the translation is officially recognised. A translation with an apostille confirms the authenticity of the public official's signature for the foreign country.

Translations with apostille

UniTranslate's multilingual, multinational team combines technical expertise with first-class language skills. These unique skills enable us to provide our clients with fast and accurate translation services. UniTranslate serves clients in the legal, technical and many other specialised fields. In addition, with our large network of certified translators from around the world, we offer you the best prices with high quality. We cater to your specific needs and ensure timely and accurate results.

Why UniTranslate?

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Translations in Nidwalden are essential due to several key factors that emphasise the need for precise and effective linguistic communication. Although Nidwalden is geographically small, the region plays an important role in business, tourism and culture. Companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, rely on translations to interact successfully with international customers, suppliers and partners.

Why are translations indispensable in Nidwalden?

  1. International business relations: Companies based in Nidwalden can benefit from a translation agency to ensure smooth communication with international customers and business partners. Accurate translations promote business exchanges and help companies to tap into global markets.

  2. Tourism promotion: Nidwalden is attractive to tourists due to its natural beauty and cultural attractions. A translation service facilitates the production of multilingual tourist information, brochures and guides to enhance the tourist experience and promote the region internationally.

  3. Cultural exchange: Nidwalden has a rich cultural diversity. A translation office helps to promote understanding between the different cultural groups and thus supports the exchange of ideas, customs and traditions.

  4. Education and research: A translation service is also important for educational establishments and research institutes in Nidwalden. It enables an effective exchange of scientific knowledge and promotes international co-operation in the field of education.

  5. Local integration into the global economy: Professional translations enable local companies and initiatives to better position their services and products on the international market. This supports the regional economy and strengthens the role of Nidwalden in a globalised economic environment.

Advantages of a translation agency in Nidwalden

  1. Reputation and experience: Research the reputation and experience of the translation agency by reading customer reviews and asking for references.

  2. Translator qualifications: Make sure that the company's translators have the necessary qualifications and certificates.

  3. Pricing: Compare the prices of different translation agencies and choose an option that suits your budget.

  4. Data protection and security: Find out about the agency's security measures with regard to the protection of your data.

  5. Processing time: Find out how quickly the translation agency can process your enquiry.


The UniTranslate translation agency in Nidwalden is an essential partner for companies and individuals who need professional and accurate translations. Choosing the right translation service provider is crucial to avoid misunderstandings, maintain the quality of your documents and achieve your international business and communication goals. With the wide range of languages and subject areas in demand in Nidwalden, a reputable translation agency can play a key role in your success in a globalised world.

Tips for choosing a translation agency in Nidwalden

A translation agency in Nidwalden is of crucial importance in view of increasing internationalisation and globalisation, even in smaller regions. Nidwalden, although geographically compact, plays an important role in business, tourism and culture. A translation service is essential to ensure that companies in this region, whether in the field of trade or tourism, can communicate effectively with international partners. In addition, a translation agency supports cultural exchange and promotes understanding between the different communities present in Nidwalden.

Translation agency Nidwalden: Your professional solution for precise translations

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