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Translation of divorce certificates

What do you need a certified translation of divorce certificate?

If the document was issued in country "A" and you want it to be recognized in country "B", you need a certified translation. Depending on the case, the certification should also be provided with an apostille.

Divorce abroad (outside Switzerland), how to proceed?

If you want the Swiss authorities to recognize the divorce, you will need a notarized translation. Under this link (online counter-Swiss Confederation) you will find more information about it.

Divorce in Switzerland, how to proceed?

If you want to have the divorce recognized by the authorities abroad, you need a notarized translation with an apostille.

What is a certificate of divorce?

The Divorce Certificate is a document that is issued at the end of a divorce proceeding. This document certifies that the state in which the document was issued officially recognized the divorce. It includes the official announcement of the end of the marriage, as well as all settlements between the two sides.