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Certified translations for companies

UniTranslate is the official partner of Switzerland Global Enterprise and helps Swiss companies to expand abroad, open branches or communicate with foreign authorities error-free and familiar.


UniTranslate delivers certified translations that are recognized abroad! Contact us with your request and we will be happy to help you. 

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Technical translations

UniTranslate is the Swiss expert when it comes to technical translations! UniTranslate has been translating for well-known companies worldwide for decades, and has done so for decades.


Translation of statutes

Would you like to open a branch abroad and have your statutes translated into other languages with a certified translation? We're happy to take care of everything!


Translation of contracts

Have you signed a business contract and need a translation before you appear before the notary? Contact us for a non-binding offer!


Translation of excerpts from the commercial register

Have you already ordered your company's extract from the commercial register and need a certified translation with an apostille? We look forward to hearing from you!


Translation of documents

Do you need certified translations of documents? Contact us for officially certified translations!


Translation of judgements

Has court proceedings abroad been concluded and you would like to have this judgment recognized in Switzerland? Contact us and learn how to do it right!

Certified translation for companies

What is an apostille?


Technical translation for NPOs

The role of communication for NPOs and NGOs

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Certified translation for companies

When is a certified translation of an excerpt from the commercial register necessary?


Specialist translation for companies

The role of language in compliance

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