Frequently Asked Questions

   1) Why do you have only one category of services for certified translations while other companies have generally three categories like Basic (2-eyes), Expert (4-eyes), Premium (6-eyes)?


   First of all, based on our experience we can not say that 4-eyes or 6-eyes add real value to the quality of translations. We have no reason to believe that 4-eyes or 6-eyes will see what 2-eyes can not see. We do not want to charge our customers for services, about their additional value we are suspicious of. 

  2) Do you offer certified translations?

   Yes, we do. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than non-certified translations and take more time. Moreover, only the original certified translation is valid so, please note beforehand how many originals you need. Please click here  to see FAQs about certified translations.

3) Can I demand my money back, if I am not satisfied with the translation?

   If you are not satisfied with the quality, you should give us minimum time of 3 business days to implement the changes which you desire. Please note that we can not alter any information that is on the original documents. If we fail to deliver you the translations at the promised date, you have the right to demand your money back.

   You can also demand money back, if the translation did not comply with the offer details, such as certification or anything related.

4) Can I visit to your office?

  Yes you can, however because of the current corona situation and effective measures of the Swiss Government we do not find this very convenient.

5) Are you a registered company?

   Yes, NLP GmbH is a registered company in Switzerland and holds all the rights for UniTranslate.

You can verify this here:

6) Are you complying with Federal Act of Data Privacy of Switzerland?

   Yes, we do.

7) Who are your customers?

UniTranslate works for government authorities, universities, hospitals, law offices, companies from various industries, private customers and so one. Some of our references you can find here:

8) How can I pay you?

You can pay us online via E-banking, and Paypal. Or you can pay us via any Post Office from Switzerland via red payment slip that we will send you. You can find the Paypal link in the footer.