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Officially certified translations

UniTranslate creates officially certified translations, which are recognized by authorities or universities.  

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What is an officially certified translation?

An officially certified translation for Switzerland must be signed by the translator or the manager at the notary's office. This means that a recognized translator or a recognized translation agency confirms with a stamp and signature that this translation corresponds to the document in the original language. In principle, the universities or the authorities accept a scanned copy of the officially certified copy.


Requirements for the translator:

Formal requirements for the translator:


• The translation is made using the original or an officially certified copy of the original. The translation must be attached to the document on which the translation is based.


• Names of diplomas, academic degrees and titles, names of colleges and universities and names of schools must be translated verbatim, adding the original title in brackets.


• Subsequent changes made to the documents, in particular deletions, additions and handwritten comments, must be confirmed both on the originals and on copies by stating the date of the change and signing the person authorized to certify it. (Source:


How do I get an officially certified translation?

Contact us and send us your documents (scanned) via e-mail. You will then receive an offer including delivery date, price and the type of certification. We select the correct type of certification for you.

Translation Agency UniTranslate

Translation Agency UniTranslate is a recognized translation agency headquartered in Zurich. We work closely with authorities, law firms and universities to provide you with the best possible and legally compliant translation.

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