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About us:

UniTranslate offers translation services in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and in Qatar. We maintain high standards through state-of-the-art language processing tools and through our expertise in translation services. We believe in multicultural dynamism and observe its positive influence in our daily work. We try to build long-term partnerships with our customers and accept only tasks that we can handle very well.

We work only with people who have passion for translation. Unlike other companies, we do not have a pool of thousands of translators. We believe that high quality is only possible with a small but a powerful group. UniTranslate’s multidisciplinary team of translators consists of professional translators and graduate students, recent graduates and postdocs -- from ETH/Uni Zurich. Texts are assigned to team members in their area of expertise, such as law, engineering, computer science, medicine or biology. All team members translate in their area of profession from/into their mother tongue into/from the language. Our team is young, energetic and eager to contribute to your success! Thanks to our business model, we provide you prices that are well below industry average while achieving high quality using modern Language Processing Techniques. Our translation specialists are from different educational and cultural backgrounds and some of them are:

Dr. Bo Zhang​

​Translation Specialist


Bo is a trilingual ETH Architect, doing his Post-Doc at ETH Zurich. 

Native: Chinese

Certificate:  English C1

Gabriela Ligeza​

​Technical Translation Specialist


Gabriela is a trilingual B.Sc. Geology Engineer.

Native: Polish and Russian

Certificate: English C1

Bojana Nenezic​

​Translation Specialist


Bojana holds a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering and pursuing her masters in Management, Technology and Economics Program (M-TECH) at ETH Zurich. 

Native: Russian and Serbian

Certificate: English C1

Armengol Urpi Nuria

​Technical Translation Specialist


Nuria is a trilingual Mechanical Engineer with many years of experience.

Native: Catalan and Spanish

Certificate: English C1

Estela Yago​



Estela holds a B.Sc. degree in Tourism and Business Administration with many years of experience.

Native: Spanish

Certificates: English C1

Berhan Dicle Polat

Founder and CEO


Berhan is a pentalingual mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with professional experience in IT, data analysis and mechanical engineering. He holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from ETH Zurich, where he had an interdisciplinary course of studies. In order to address the need for improved translation services within Switzerland’s scientific sector, Berhan founded UniTranslate in 2019.

Giorgos Elefthouroudis


Giorgos speaks 19 languages fluently. He is an ETH B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer with professional experience in mechanical engineering. He had an interdisciplinary course of studies.

Native: Greek


C2 Level: German, English, Catalan, Portuguese

C1 Level: Arabic, Serbian

Debora Beuret



Debora is a Linguist at the Swiss Federal Technical University of Zurich.

Native: French and German

Yan Volfson

​Technical Translation Specialist


Yan is a trilingual M.Sc. Mechanical Engineer and is an automation professional with several years of experience.

Native: English and Hebrew

Certificates: German and Russian C1

Dr. Theodora Chatziisaak

​Technical Translation Specialist


Theodora is a trilingual doctor and holds a Ph.D in Cancer Research.

Native: Greek

Certificates: English C2 and German C1

Zhu Mingpeng​

​Technical Translation Specialist


Zhu is a trilingual Civil Engineer with few years of experience.

Native: Chinese

Certificates: English and German C1

Bo Ge


Bo is a bilingual Medical Doctor with few years of experience.

Native: Chinese

Certificates: German C1

Irina Gavrilina


Irina studies Bachelor in Biology and Philosophy as second degree program. She has experience as librarian and translator. 


Certificates: German C1, English C1